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9 Personal Practices Worth Sharing!!

If you’re like me, you’re hit by a daily barrage of “important” articles competing for your attention. You might also be just as ruthlessly selective as I am.  After all, there’s only so much time for SO MUCH content. However, every now and then, there’s that rare article that strong-arms its way past the sentry of brutal selectivity.  The attached link, below, represents one such article – short and sweet.  The title is 9 Beliefs of Remarkably Successful People.  I’d say it’s more like “9 Personal Practices of…”, but you be the judge.   Either way, here’s the metaphysical question of the day –  I’m forwarding this list because I simply found it interesting and worth sharing.   If you view this and are affected by any of the tenets, were you predestined to absorb these ideas for purposes of a greater good?

Hey, you never know!

9 Beliefs of Remarkably Successful People


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3 Reasons Why Neglecting Social Media is Neglecting Opportunity

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So we met the other day with a past client, and talked to them about a few specific steps they could take to step up their participation and presence in social media spaces. After what I thought was a fresh overview on our part, one of the folks in the room expressed that he hated everything about social media and did not understand the return it could deliver on his budget allocation.

We of course responded with a few ways you can objectively track success in social media participation, along with a couple of case studies. Still, the gentleman was not convinced. It boiled down to his not being impressed with the medium itself. He did not like broadcasting his life over the internet, therefore he casted doubt on how useful this could be for a business… Which if you think about it, the conclusion does not follow the premises at all.

I will agree ahead of time with most of you reading, that this is such a basic foundational topic that we should move on already from. However, the fact that people in positions of critical decision are still raising doubtful questions merits the re-emphasizing. To them, heere are three reasons why businesses who neglect utilizing social media are only doing harm to their own potential for growth.

1 – Social Media is your most efficient way to gauge your audience’s reaction to your brand.

Sure, not everybody is participating in social media in the same degree. You’re likely to sample only a small portion of your audience. But guess what? Neither can you fit a whole town in one of those focus group rooms.

And if focus groups were traditionally good for marketers for years and years, doesn’t a real-time, immediate reaction, scarcely-biased way to tap in to your audience’s reactions carry value for your business?

Not to say, social media gives you the opportunity to directly reward loyal customers and address audience concerns.

2 – Social Media gives you the ability to listen and speak to your audience.

It’s not so much about where YOU decide to mingle anymore, but rather where your audience is at. People are already talking about you (your brand), without you in the room. And probably with your competition circling close by. Can you figure out what will happen as soon as someone has an issue with your product or service?

The benefits of participating in Social Media are innumerable. That is, if you’re interested in listening to people in the first place. If you’re not into listening, that’s your choice, but be warned. Consumer‘s tolerance for businesses that don’t listen to their customers is practically disappearing, and an open ear to customer’s concerns and feedback will no longer be optional. Which brings me to…

3- Social Media will ensure your future existence.

Here’s Socialnomics’ most recent video, Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh), which completely speaks for itself.

Out of all of the mind-boggling stats included, the one that jumped out the most to me was one that responds to the main concern of people stuck in the old marketing framework, which even the gentleman at this meeting brought up:

The ROI of #SocialMedia is: your business will still exist in 5 years.

That’s right folks, the scene changed about 15 years ago. I’ve been a participant in online social media since about a decade and a half ago, but never before has it reached the current level of audience participation and relevancy in daily life decision-making. To think it’s only on the rise from here should send chills down the spines of still-reluctant marketers.

Your business’ absence from these spaces will consistently become an absence from your consumer’s minds. Your absence in people’s minds will result in complete emptiness of your brand’s value, given that “brand” only means your audience’s perception of your product/service (and not your logo, website or advertising, as is commonly understood).

Anything here you’d like to add or challenge? Hit me up on the comments, would love to hear from you.

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