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FourSquare Day: Listen up!

A few days ago, local Tampa blogstar Miss Destructo published her reasons why businesses around town should take advantage of FourSquare Day (this April 16th) to offer value to their customers and get their name out there… And I agree completely!

Check out Destructo’s riff here: Why Tampa Needs To Be Excited About Foursquare Day

An excerpt (added with her kind permission):

Foursquare is an application you can use on your I-Phone or Smartphone to “check into” places in your town. By doing so you can see if your friends may be checked into the same place, earn badges and even become the mayor of the location if you visit the place frequently. At first about hearing of Foursquare, I was pretty sure I might as well just give the stalkers my address. But it does have privacy features and not to mention more and more businesses are embracing foursquare for a promotional tool. Example: Hyatt Regency Tampa is giving a 50% eatery discount to anyone who becomes the Foursquare Mayor of their hotel. [...]

But if that’s what you want Tampa, get involved with Foursquare Day. Check into those businesses on that day that are offering discounts, get rewarded, finally meet those people that have been stalking you. Do you go to a place that isn’t announced as an Foursquare Day check-in spot? Find them on twitter, tell em about Foursquare.. show em this post… maybe they’ll get on board as well.

Not much more to add there, other than it would be great to see more businesses embrace not only FourSquare, but other Social Media avenues as well to get discovered and attract people.

A last point of encouragement: Businesses should not fool themselves into waiting until a platform gets to a certain point in its growth to then embrace it. As long as the services are free for the users, we have seen time and time again that people naturally flock to where value is offered.

In other words, businesses embracing services like FourSquare (and communicating this effectively) will increase their customer’s usage of those services, if only to take advantage of the offers they put out.

Find more about FourSquare Day here:

You can also follow the hashtag #4sqday on Twitter for real-time updates.

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