Playing at the Portage Theater!

Just had to share this.   Chicago has long been one of my favorite places for architecture, and the grand old movie palaces of the 1920s represent some of my favorites in architectural design.  So, upon learning that our Mindclay Incubator project, Furnace Keep, would be playing at Chicago’s Portage Theater as an official selection of the 2012 Prairie State Film Festival, I was more than a little stoked!

Chicago's Portage Theater

According to the theater’s web site, the Portage opened in 1920.  Recognized as an architectural landmark and one of Chicago’s oldest movie houses, the theater underwent a major restoration in 2006.  It now serves as the centerpoint of the Chicago independent film community and a key venue for up-and-coming indie music artists.

Not sure if I’ll be able to make it up there myself for the August 11th showing.   However, there’s a theater scene in Furnace Keep – inspired by the old movie houses – which I would love to see up on the Portage’s big screen!


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  • Awesome! Big congrats Gary and well deserved!

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