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Let the Games Begin

The Olympics are in full swing, and with that, so are my emotions.

Does anything get us as vested and excited as the intense competition and dramatic victories of sports? We experience these challenges at our very core, as if we were sitting inside the Olympic Stadium in real-time, cheering on these brave American warriors with the Queen herself. We connect and sympathize with these celebritized athletes – rooting for the underdogs and the “Fab Five.” Magical moments of sportsmanship abound, and of course, so does the advertising.

It seems the underlying theme of this year’s Olympic advertising plays on the very thing that connects us to this dramatic worldwide event – our sentimental feelings.

From Procter and Gamble’s “Thank You Mom” spot to Adidas’ “Take the Stage” campaign – I’ve teared up more times during commercial breaks than during the games themselves.  This understanding of the human spirit and what moves us has never been so eloquently illustrated as the advertising surrounding the 2012 Games. For many companies, Olympic-themed ads are a way to connect to consumers on this deeply emotional level –  beautiful cinematic stories that pull on our heartstrings. As I reach for my tissue I ask you – what’s your favorite Olympic ad so far?

And so, we remain glued to the TV over the next two weeks – hoping to catch a glimpse of the next fall, fight, tearful triumph, and Visa endorsement. I know I’ll be watching, will you?


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Playing at the Portage Theater!

Just had to share this.   Chicago has long been one of my favorite places for architecture, and the grand old movie palaces of the 1920s represent some of my favorites in architectural design.  So, upon learning that our Mindclay Incubator project, Furnace Keep, would be playing at Chicago’s Portage Theater as an official selection of the 2012 Prairie State Film Festival, I was more than a little stoked!

Chicago's Portage Theater

According to the theater’s web site, the Portage opened in 1920.  Recognized as an architectural landmark and one of Chicago’s oldest movie houses, the theater underwent a major restoration in 2006.  It now serves as the centerpoint of the Chicago independent film community and a key venue for up-and-coming indie music artists.

Not sure if I’ll be able to make it up there myself for the August 11th showing.   However, there’s a theater scene in Furnace Keep – inspired by the old movie houses – which I would love to see up on the Portage’s big screen!


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9 Personal Practices Worth Sharing!!

If you’re like me, you’re hit by a daily barrage of “important” articles competing for your attention. You might also be just as ruthlessly selective as I am.  After all, there’s only so much time for SO MUCH content. However, every now and then, there’s that rare article that strong-arms its way past the sentry of brutal selectivity.  The attached link, below, represents one such article – short and sweet.  The title is 9 Beliefs of Remarkably Successful People.  I’d say it’s more like “9 Personal Practices of…”, but you be the judge.   Either way, here’s the metaphysical question of the day –  I’m forwarding this list because I simply found it interesting and worth sharing.   If you view this and are affected by any of the tenets, were you predestined to absorb these ideas for purposes of a greater good?

Hey, you never know!

9 Beliefs of Remarkably Successful People


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