Show Me A Good Story!

First let me begin with another apology to our blog….it’s been a while since we showed you some lov’n but I assure you it has not been by design or purpose. Our team at Mindclay has been tied up on a lot of fun projects and as always it’s the blogs and company updates that typically suffer…but we’re back Mr. Mindomondo!

Now that we have that cleared up I wanted to touch on a fav topic of mine, storytelling. I recently came across TED’s “2012 ads worth spreading” and it’s no surprise that the ads all have two things in common, awesome storytelling and a duration way beyond the traditional 30-second spot. Neither of these commonalities are Earth shattering innovations but always worth reinforcing in my book.

These mini movies take a human story and weave the product or company into the emotion. This form of advertising is a creative’s best friend and always seems to resonate with an audience. Connecting through storytelling is why most of us in the industry of modern day communication do what we do. Not every project warrants this approach nor do most clients push for it but as more and more delivery methods continue to be developed, great commercial storytelling certainly has all the proper platforms to succeed. Whether in animation, live action or written form…..when good storytelling is at the core, everything else just seems to float and glide into perfect place….purpose is found and connections made. As humans we are natural born storytellers, may we always continue to seek ways to be great storytellers both in our careers and life.

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