Meet Mindclay’s New Creative Lab

As you may have seen on our Facebook, Mindclay has recently re-vamped our Creative Lab. It is, in a word, awesome.

A few months ago, our company’s building won best office space of Tampa Bay. Just imagine how we’ll compete again next year. Is there a higher rank than best?

With neon green walls, exposed brick, a ping pong table and a makeshift corner studio, this new Creative Lab certainly does foster one thing above all else: creativity.

(Did I mention the brand new dry-erase wall? Yep. We’ve got one of those, now.)

And in light of all the miraculous doodling that has already begun, Mindclay’s Creative Director Marc Battaglia has instituted a brand new competition: Best Doodle Wins.

‘Wins what?’ you might ask. What is the grand prize? Only the best thing ever. Bragging rights.

Yes, whoever wins the weekly doodle competition gets to hold their ego high, chin to the sky, knowing that they – against all odds – beat out the steep competition, holding the title of “Best Doodler”.

So here’s where you come in. You as the viewer/reader/blogger/Facebooker/GooglePlus-er get to vote on whichever your favorite is. Once we post the images, you get to vote for your favorite! Plus, Like, Comment On, whatever!

Because the only thing that fosters creativity better than our kickass new creative space is good, healthy competition. :)

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  • Thank Mindclay! We definitely could not have done it without all of your help!

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